Top 3 best free gypsy jazz play alongs



One of the best ways to practice this style alone is with a play along. There are many different styles of Pompe, here are collections of free gypsy jazz play alongs  from different amazing guitarists. Each has their own way they prefer the Pompe. For accordionists, I cannot recommend highly enough a deep understanding of le pompe. Le pompe the foundation of this style and something that guitar players practice FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS. Each lead player is very particular about what way they want the pompe the be played. Some of the best rhythm players, Hono Winterstein, are unique geniuses of rhythm and chord voicing. I recommend playing each tune you are practicing with as many different play alongs as possible.

  1. DC Music School – Dennis Chang has one of the most recognized online music schools. He is a rhythm master, but an overall monster gypsy jazz musician. He just renovated his teaching website and has several free products. One he is offering is 21 different tunes, each tune has 2 speeds.
  2. Stephane Wremble – Many play alongs by this master. If you find yourself in NY, check out his weekly Sunday shows at Barbes in Park Slope Brooklyn. Stephane is known for his Woody Allen scores, and his melding many different styles to gypsy jazz.
  3. Gonzalo Bergara – A favorite of the younger generation, Gonzalo is revered by American students of this style. He just headlined at the Django Samois festival in 2012. Bergara has his own style which draws from his Argentine homeland. He is known for his nearly unmatched right hand technique.

Dallas Vietty is a Philadelphia based jazz accordionist and accordion educator. As a musician he performs around the United States. His past projects have allowed him to perform the some of the top music venues: Jazz at Lincoln Center NYC, Iridium NYC, Kimmel Center Philadelphia, Catalina’s Los Angeles to name a few. As an educator Dallas is a pioneer in online accordion education through his learning website

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