Three bebop accordion solos with downloadable sheet music


3 accordion masters solo over the same song.

Learn from the similarities and differences of these three jazz accordion masters.


About Bebop

David Baker - Jazz composer, performer, pedagogue and educator.

David Baker - Jazz composer, performer, pedagogue and educator.

Bebop is the musical language that unites a majority of improvised jazz music over the decades and around the world.

As the great jazz educator David Baker says about bebop,

"Bebop tended to codify all that had gone before; it is considered the common practice period in jazz.”

In my opinion, learning the concepts and techniques of the bebop approach gives a player the strongest foundation to venture forward or backward or sideways in musical time with confidence and skill.


On March 27, 2015, I presented a workshop at the American Accordion Musicological Society Conference examining the way three of the greatest jazz accordionists, Tommy Gumina, Frank Marocco and Richard Galliano, use the elements of bebop in their solo improvisation.

Most of the workshop was centered around my transcription of their improvisations over the jazz standard ‘All the Things You Are’.

So here for you, I present these transcriptions and the YouTube videos the transcriptions were taken down from. I invite you to explore the bebop idiom and the playing and approaches of these amazing jazz musicians.

The Solos

The video I transcribed Frank Marocco’s solo from.

1. Frank Marocco's Solo

Song: 'Fugue for Art' (solo begins at 00:26)

Recording: Frank Marocco at Art VanDamme 75th Birthday Party

Artist: Frank Marocco Trio

Year: 1995

The Frank Marocco solo was taken from a 1995 live version of his performance of ‘Fugue for Art’ which was written over the same chord changes as ‘All the Things You Are’. The solo begins at 00:26, and I transcribed only the first chorus.

- Download the sheet music for this Frank Marocco solo -

Tommy Gummina taking a solo over ‘All The Things You Are’.

2. Tommy Gumina's Solo

Song: 'All the Things You Are' (solo begins at 01:25)

Recording: Pacific Standard (Swingin'!) Time

Artist: Buddy DeFranco Tommy Gumina Quartet

Year: 1961

Tommy Gumina’s solo was taken from his 1960 recording with Buddy Defranco Pacific Standard (Swinging’) Time. Tommy’s solo begins at 1:25.

- Download the sheet music for this Tommy Gumina Solo -

The video I transcribed with Richard Galliano’s melody and solo on ‘All the Things You Are’.

3. Richard Galliano's Melody and Solo

Song: 'All the Things You Are' (Melody begins at 00:23, solo begins at 01:10)

Recording: Richard Galliano Masterclass @ Vincent's Accordion Studio

Artist: Richard Galliano, Denis Chang and masterclass students

Year: 2013

I found this video of Richard Galliano playing ‘All the Things You Are’ with the Canadian guitar player Denis Chang and students in Taipei in 2013. 

I transcribed Galliano's interpretation of the melody, which I find beautiful, as well as the solo. The solo begins at 1:10.

- Download the sheet music for this Richard Galliano solo -

Dallas Vietty is a Philadelphia based jazz accordionist and accordion educator. As a musician he performs around the United States. His past projects have allowed him to perform the some of the top music venues: Jazz at Lincoln Center NYC, Iridium NYC, Kimmel Center Philadelphia, Catalina’s Los Angeles to name a few. As an educator Dallas is a pioneer in online accordion education through his learning website

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