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Accordion Academy

Spring Session 2017



Accordion Academy is limited to 15 students

Accordion Academy is a 12-week package of lessons, weekly coaching, online activities and a performance project.

Each session includes students of all levels, from beginner to professional. Each session is designed to help students develop their skills and explore their artistic identity.

There are 4 sessions per year. Fall: October to December, Winter: January to March, Spring: April to June, Summer: July to September

I can't recommend RebelReed highly enough. I get excellent practice exercises and resources to help me reach my goals.

Lorretta, Skype student from Washington

About the teacher

My name is Dallas Vietty I’m a professional accordionist and a pioneering accordion educator. Through RebelReed I’ve taught over 700 accordion lessons. Whether you are a beginner or professional, I can help you take your playing to the next level.

Lessons & Coaching

Information, correction and motivation.


Monday-Saturday, between 11:00a-9:30p on most days.


Most students take lessons online through Skype, I also teach in Philadelphia.

Make a Plan

Together we will choose a relevant and exciting goal for where you want to be at the end of the lessons and design a custom lesson curriculum to get you there step by step. (Check out my intake form to get an idea of my approach.)

Lesson Notes

You will have a private lesson area on the site, where you will find my notes and assignments at the end of each lesson.


I’ll check in with you throughout the week to make sure any questions are resolved and keep you motivated and energized.

Performance Project

Every race needs a finish line.

Goal oriented

Every race needs a finish line; you can’t keep running forever right? In the same way every music student needs an end point for the music they are working on.

Performance project

Each student will finish their Accordion Academy session with some kind of performance project. The performance can be modest and private, or it can be grand and public. The type and scope of the performance is completely up to you.

Variety of opportunities

Participate in the online recital, organize a performance for friends or family, record a Youtube video, perform on the street, make an audio recording, play at an open mic, play at a nursing home, perform at an open mic.

I’ve had many music teachers over the years, and Dallas rivals the best. Always fun and encouraging, Dallas makes me want to be a better accordionist.

Isaac, student from Philadelphia

Online Class Activities

Explore broader ideas.

Weekly discussions

Online Activities happen once a week in the forums. They are relaxed discussions on specific topics, designed to explore ideas and create motivation and energy through community.

Inspiration and connection

There’s just something about being in a group of people working on the same thing, that makes progress easier. Study of the accordion can be a very individual and isolating experience, and while this can be a beautiful solitary pursuit, it can be draining. Friendship, connection and camaraderie are all invaluable to replenishing our artistic reservoirs.


The online activities will vary by session. Here are a few examples: making practicing easier by creating a habit, finding your identity in your music, setting/maintaining short and long term goals, general discussion of how practice/music is going

Feedback from students

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Step 1. Choose your plan and billing